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The Old Brewery

Installation Of Commando Sockets / Plugs
  • Customer Name: The Old Brewery
  • Date: 2014-06-09
  • Location: Greenwich - SE10
  • Type: Electrical
The owner of this pub establishment contacted us as he had been let down by a previous electrician. They were putting on a beer festival outside their pub and required to power a lot of equipment. They currently did not have any plugs external to the property.
We advised the customer to install commando sockets to the wall (blue 230v ones), from that we then extended sockets to where necessary. Due to the amount of equipment they had we ran 4 new circuits internally from the current consumer unit and connected the i.p rated commando plugs externally, all circuits were put on RCBO devices.
The way the systems have now been created, the customer can plug in these loads of sockets we have created whenever they have an event or unplug them whenever they feel necessary.
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