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Camden NW1

Upgrade of main incoming cables and isolators
  • Customer Name: Camden NW1
  • Date: 2014-07-09
  • Location: Camden NW1
  • Type: Electrical
We were called out to this shared office address in Camden NW1 to resolve an issue reporting to have no electricity. On our arrival we noticed all the main incoming supply for these properties was out dated and appeared to be dangerous. From our first visit we noted that the isolators controlling electricity to each individual flat was burnt out and appear to show signs of melted cables and conductors.

The customer was alerted that immediate action had to be required right away.

We had a meeting with all the occupants of each office and went through with them exactly what our concerns were and what had to be done to rectify it. As all electricity would have to be shut down for each individual office we had to organise a time most suitable for each and every occupant.

We were in close contact with EDF energy as they also had to alter some of their incoming supply.

Once everyone was clear what exactly was involved we went forth and thought about how to design what work we were to carry out. All the necessary materials were purchased before hand and compliant with 17thEdition Regulations. We had a tight deadline to follow as during the time we carried out the works all offices in the building were not operating, so we had to move quickly and swiftly to have the work complete.

All the main incoming supply has been upgraded and new isolators controlling each individual property has been installed. In case of any fault the fuse devices will blow breaking any faulty circuits if it is not detected from the consumer unit inside of the properties. The melted cables have all been replaced and should last the occupants now for many years to come.
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