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Callan School

Dado Rail trunking, data networking, consumer unit installation
  • Customer Name: Callan School Of English
  • Date: 2014-06-09
  • Location: London - Oxford Street
  • Type: Electrical
In this school based on London’s famous Oxford Street they decided to covert a whole back area of the school and alternate the classrooms. They wanted more sockets to be added throughout each room as well as new data points in each room. All current existing power and data points were stripped out as well as electric heaters on the wall.
After following guidelines from floor plans what we carried out was, bring in a new main 16mm armoured cable to power up 2 new consumer units.

Dado rail trunking was installed throughout the school area in each and every room. The cables were run from the consumer unit to each individual room using access above the false ceiling. The new consumer units consist of RCD devices as well as MCB breaking devices. From above cables were dropped down through the trunking to each point where sockets are located. The power cables were run in the middle section of the dado rail and the data cables were run in the top and bottom sections of the dado rail. A ring circuit wiring system was used. Sockets were then second fixed in each and every room as well as the data points.

The final connections were made at the consumer unit and all circuits energised.
All existing sockets have now been made redundant and in each room now has new sockets installed in dado rail trunking. New data network points have been installed along with new local consumer units to operate each individual circuit. This was a 4 week project and now we are re doing the same process on another floor within the building, with more work to follow that after.
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