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LED Lighting

As electricians we are always being asked how to improve lighting solutions and lower energy and maintenance cost. Throughout the last few years LED technology (light-emitting diode technology) has evolved, just as instruments such as your computer, television, telephones, cameras. The main reason for these changes are to have more longer operating life, significant savings on your energy bills, dramatically reduce your maintenance costs and eliminate unnecessary administration expenses.

We at EDS Electrical (London) are offering Free Quotation and advice service on LED technology, and are able to attend you property to analyse what the best solution is for you going forward for all types of customers whether it be apartment flats to big office / hotel buildings.

Bulbs / lamps have been in existence for hundreds of years and have gone through many transitions.

  • Tungsten halogen
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • SON
  • SON-T
  • Cold Cathode
  • LED

LED technology is currently an expanding market with many households, commercial and industrial buildings getting rid of their current lighting systems and replacing it with LED. LED is poised to dominate the market in the years ahead, with expected annual growth of roughly 50 percent through 2015 by 2020, the LED share of the lighting market could realistically reach 90 percent.

LED Lighting GU10

LEDs boast several other advantages over conventional lighting (such as incandescent halogen, compact fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge lighting):

  • Quality white-light source
  • Instant, dimmable light
  • No heat emission
  • No mercury
  • Small size (miniaturization)
  • High efficacy
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