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Fuse boards

At EDS Electrical (London) we have professional expert qualified engineers ready to replace and upgrade your electrical fuse boards / consumer units. Every property contains an electrical fuse board or consumer unit, it controls all the electrical systems and circuits within the property and is the main point in which supplies electricity to your lights, sockets, cookers, heating etc...


Within the modern 17th Edition electrical fuse boards it contains protective devices such as:

  • RCD (residual current device): for protection against electric shock and any highly detects residual current.
  • MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker): for protection of the cables and for detection of any short circuit current.
  • RCBO (Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker with integral Over current Protection): does the jobs of both the RCD and MCB together.


Without you even knowing it fuse boards / consumer units are the most important thing within every electrical installation, without it you simply wouldn't have electricity. Regulations and additional safety devices have been developed throughout time and it is highly advised you replace your existing fuse board / consumer unit with a new 17th Edition fuse board. As you all agree there is no price on your safety so to prevent any electrical mishaps get your electrical board changed today!!!


  • 5 Way Consumer Units
  • 10 Way Dual RCD Consumer Units
  • 12 Way Dual RCD Consumer Units
  • 15 Way Dual RCD Consumer Units
  • Shed Consumer Units
  • Skeleton Consumer Units
  • All commercial three phase Consumer Units

We offer highly competilive rates for all our domesiic and commercial consumer unit upgrades or replacements.

The old common fuse board is now outdated and has now been replaced with 17th Edition consumer units, they were named fuse board due to the fact that they are installed with fuse wire for each individual circuit melting when exposed to excessive current. Even do this was a good form of protection at the time like all things technology has been developed throughout the years and new safety devices have been created and manufactured.

Consumer unit is the replacement for the old outdated fuse boards and fitted with much more advance protective devices which are easy to use and reset, it contains RCD, MCB and RCBO's. What these offer are a much higher form of protection from electrocution and cables overheating for prevention of electric fires.

Our team are highly skilled in these task and are able to replace your old fuse boards / consumer units with a modern 17th Edition consumer unit with minimal disruption at a time which is most convenient for yourself.

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